St. Pappin’s Nursing Home

St. Pappins Nursing Home is set in the heart of Ballymun and is home to 51 residents.

The home has a rich tapestry of history as the building was originally a Catholic Church servicing the local Ballymun community. The home has retained much of the architecture and features of the original building including the stain glass windows, doorways and ornate stone structures.

Accommodation is configured to address the needs of all potential residents and includes superior single, companion and shared accommodation with assisted bath and shower rooms.

Dementia focused Unit – Memory Lane

Our dementia focused unit, Memory Lane, has been designed to support those with memory issues, but not exclusively. The colours, textures, signage, lighting and acoustics have been chosen based on extensive research, taking into account the cognitive, physical and sensory impairments that are associated with living with dementia.

Memory Lane is a more inclusive environment for all people living with cognitive and/or sensory impairments including ageing, to help them have greater independence, dignity and improved health and wellbeing. Our team are trained in dementia care and are supported by management with both gerontological and dementia expertise.


The large enclosed garden offers residents

the opportunity to enjoy outdoor pursuits in a safe and secure environment.


The landscaped gardens and grounds flourish

during the summer months and residents enjoy hosting a program of outdoor events and activities.

Relatives Information and Support Group

Each nursing home has a Relatives Information and Support Group. The group works in partnership with the nursing home to maintain and improve the quality of life for the residents in the home.

The group meets on a quarterly basis at an agreed date and time, depending on the wishes of the members; and facilitates a close working partnership with residents, relatives, management and staff of the nursing home.

The group aims to contribute to, and oversee, effective changes in the nursing home. We also aim to identify opportunities and encourage initiatives to enhance the environment of the home.

We occasionally host information and education seminars at these meetings on topics of interest. All relatives and friends are welcome to attend and we encourage participation as the meetings are a positive and beneficial attribute for both relatives and residents of the nursing home.

Brochures and Information Guides

Silver Stream have prepared a catalogue of resources to assist you. Please read through the guides and if you require any further information please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Contact Details

Ballymun Road, Ballymun,
Dublin 9, D09 DX39
Call: +353 (0)1 842 3474

HIQA ID: 0178
Registered Beds: 51

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