Celebrating Summer in Style at Leeson Park

At Silver Stream Healthcare, we believe in embracing the spirit of joy and togetherness, and our Leeson Park home did just that at their annual Summer Party! 

This year, the event was infused with the spirit of Bloomsday, and it was an absolute delight to see our incredible staff and residents fully engaged in the festivities.

The vibrant atmosphere was brought to life by our dedicated staff, who donned exquisite costumes inspired by James Joyce’s iconic characters.

As families gathered alongside our residents, the summer celebrations truly came alive. The aroma of delicious barbecue wafted through the air, and the sounds of laughter and chatter filled every corner of Leeson Park. 

Mouthwatering ice cream and refreshing beverages were savoured by all, making the day even more memorable and enjoyable.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who contributed to the success of this magnificent event, from our dedicated staff who went above and beyond to create a truly immersive Bloomsday experience, to the family members who joined us in making lasting memories.